Saturday, July 23, 2005


Mike's Itenerary

Depart Frankfurt 6 August 1420 hours American Airlines Flt 0083

Arrive Chicago 6 August 1645 hours (hey that's only a 2hour and 25 minute flight)

Depart Chicago to Nashville 1810 hours Flt 4030 American Airlines.

Arrive Nashville 1941 hours...Should be able to sell my truck on Sunday the 7th if not the 8th, will know more when I actually get there.

Depart Seattle 15 August 1152 hours American Airlines flt 0868 Arrive Chicago 1747 15 August

Depart Chicago 1850 hours American Airlines flt 0084 Arrive Frankfurt 1030 hours 16 August ( that's 16 hours and 20 minutes) 

Tuesday, July 12, 2005


Offending blog post has been deleted

Less than an hour ago Uncle John submitted a post to this blog about National Public Radio that clearly violated the prime directive that all posts to this blog must be original. The rule is clearly stated in the very first post to this blog (see below). A fine gentleman and scholar by the name of Jonathan Shay caught the transgression and boldly held Uncle John's feet to the burning fires of familial opinion by posting the following comment to the offending post:

"What happened to the only rule that all posts must be original? This is a slippery slope towards dopey internet humor."

Dear Mr. Shay,

The staff of would like to thank you for your well stated insightful comments. Pleased rest assured that the offending post has been permanently deleted from the site, used to wrap the rotted entrails of dead fish, and buried in an unmarked grave.


The Senior Editorial Staff of

Sunday, July 10, 2005



CIOA boungirno,
Mi familia tutto a vanga a reunion. And if I misspelled anything tuff, I
just ate a meal consisting of salami, sausage, cheese, cheese, cheese nd
more cheese and of course VINO. Anthonys moms cousin makes you guessed it
Cheese.... They were lovely people. We are off to Roma tomorrow
We send our best and all of the Giraudos will be ther statring with Andrea
on the 8th what time, I dont know. We will follow on the 11th and I think
Karen will be with us. We will be getting our own car so not to worry. If
someone could please pick up Andrea on the 8th. her cell number is 805 750
5593, Karens is 805 796 6535 sorry I cant be more specific



David in Canada

Here's a picture of David about to start his 7 week canoe trip. Consider
this the "BEFORE" picture. You'll see the "AFTER" picture in person at the


Amy and Derek Travel Dates

Amy and Derek arrive August 10th at 6:30 PM (Alaska Airlines) and depart
August 14th at 2:38.


Uncle Joe Travel Dates

Joe plans to be in Seattle August 11-15th

Sunday, May 29, 2005


This Is Cool!

This is Lizzy, Caitlin, and Rick,
     and we think this is really cool.    Any ways just saying hi to everybody! So, Hi!
                -Lizzy, Caitlin, and Rick


Adding Comments To Existing Posts

In addition to posting a new topic via email. Anyone can add a comment to an existing post. Just click on the "COMMENTS" link at the bottom of each post to launch the comment window. The pop-up comment window will display any past comments and offer you a dialog box to add your own comments.

For those unfamiliar with blogging please note that posts are listed in reverse order with the lastest posting first... scroll down to see earlier posts. You can comments to posts at any time. Adding a new topic (via email) creates a new post that is placed at the top and older posts are moved down.


Mariner's Baseball Night

We're planning to watch the Mariners beat the crap out of the Padres on August 12th. The game starts at 7:05, so we will depart for the game around 6:00 and return home around 10:00. Anyone interested in going to the game should send an email to John. Tickets will cost between $20-30 a seat.

We will be needing kid sitters to watch the youngsters during the game. Let John know if you'd like to stay home and watch the little people.

Those not interested in baseball can go the movies, explore Seattle, clean my garage, or whatever.


Marriott Residence Inn Redmond

A good hotel for anyone attending the reunion in August. It is located adjacent to an outdoor shopping area that includes a movie theater, an REI, coffee shops, and tons of good restaurants (fast food as well as full service). It's also adjacent to a Saturday farmers market that Joan and I try to visit each week... great produce, fresh eggs, and really tasty crepes. The neighborhood is quiet but several pubs within walking distance. It's a 15 minute drive to our house.2 bedroom suites go for about $170 per night.

Marriott Residence Inn Redmond
7575 164th Ave. N.E.
Redmond, Washington 98052 USA
Phone: 1-425-497-9226
Fax: 1-425-497-1909


Posting Photos

If you want to post a picture send it to John's email address with any text you'd like to have included.

Live Large... click on the picture for a ZüP clip.


Welcome to the Shay Family Blog

Any Shay family member can contribute to the blog by sending emails to the
special reunion email address. For example, you can share your arrival and
departure plans, golf plans, or special travel deals. You can also share
the things you hope to see and do at the reunion or the things you want to
experience in your lifetime. The ONLY RULE is that the messages should be
written entirely by you and be life affirming. No forwarding outside
opinions or spam stories and jokes. I don't believe any of us needs another
source of bad news, political punditry, or stupid Internet jokes.

Your posts will happen automatically so make sure you only send information
you don't mind sharing with everyone. As the blog monitor, Uncle John is
the only person who can delete entries. Send an email to him if you want
something changed.

Enjoy the blog and keep living large!

Uncle John

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